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SAFEE Description

Safee is a revolutionary way to enjoy creating, saving or sending private photos in a completely new, super-secure way. Yes, from now on any of your existing photos or new ones can be securely saved or shared without anyone seeing what they are until you decide. Save Safees on your computer and mobile exposed in plain sight yet only you can see what they really are.

Sounds like magic right? It sort of is! How do we do this? Safee creates decoys for your private photos. Regular photos (decoys) that replace and cover your private photos. No one can see anything but the decoy photos so even if they browse or break into your album, your privacy is protected. We call this being SECURELY EXPOSED. To make sure you are absolutely safe, we deployed a high-grade AES 256 cryptography architecture (server level) so no one but you can ever unlock your content. You are the creator, you are the owner, and you should remain in complete control no matter where this media is. Enjoy.

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